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Integrity defines the way we interact with our customers, employees and suppliers

Manufacturing Excellence Every Day

About Electronic Source Company

Our Core Values, Core Purpose and Mission Statement are at the heart of what we do. They are the reason we are in business. And all ESC personnel understand and make a commitment to personally support these statements. Such a commitment dramatically expands the results realized by our employees, and our purpose and values strengthen our organizational culture.

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Only Our Best Will Do

Our core values are evident in the way we conduct our business. We believe that integrity leads to quality products and optimal customer service.

Customer Satisfaction

Accelerating our customers' success with manufacturing excellence every day.

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Core Purpose

Manufacturing excellence every day

We believe manufacturing excellence is not a goal simply to be achieved. Any company can have a day of excellence. Real excellence requires a culture and mindset and a daily commitment. We strive for excellence by continually improving our processes and procedures to enable the fastest time to market possible.

Operational Excellence

We have never arrived.  We continuously strive for best practices in all that we do. We are Open to change. We empower people to attack problems. Seek Simple Solutions using the wisdom of many not the knowledge of one. When we see it’s broken, we stop and fix it by finding the root cause and asking “why”?

We use creativity NOT capital.

Problems are opportunities in disguise.

High Involvement

We are a meritocracy and partner with the employees that develop the systems and produce the results; and therefore, share in the company’s success with them.

Let's Build Something Incredible

Access the most flexible and reliable production infrastructure so you can feel confident at scale. Experience what it’s like to put the success of your project on autopilot by letting Electronic Source Company do the heavy lifting

Welcome to Electronic Source Company, America’s leading hi-reliability electronic manufacturing services company.

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