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Supply Chain Management

ESC’s supply-chain staff directs the procurement of materials, supplies and equipment at favorable costs consistent with our customer’s schedules and specifications. We manage our suppliers through performance feedback to establish ways to optimize our relationship and performance. 

ESC’s ERP tool, Epicor 10.2, optimized for a contract manufacturing environment, is central to our supply-chain system and process.

ESC provides turnkey as well as consignment services for our customers.  Consignment orders have the same rigorous supply chain material controls as do turnkey controls, other than the procurement function.

ESC provides EOL & Lifecycle Analysis Data by using Silicon Experts a complete product lifecycle planning solution.


Supply Chain Management

We are responsible for:

All material control functions

  • Receiving

  • Inventory control

  • Material storage

  • Material disbursement

  • Shipping

  • Supplier on-time delivery feedback

  • Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD) documented control

  • Weekly monitoring of open orders

  • Monthly On-time Delivery reporting to our suppliers

  • Counterfeit part detection procedures

Developing Material Requisition Plans

  • Creating production forecasts

  • Maintaining inventory levels

  • Investigating and recommending suppliers

Strengthening ESC's working capital

  • Reducing cycle times

  • Reducing inventory levels

ESC can handle your full turnkey requirements. To meet these needs, we have worked to build strong supplier relationships. Our supply chain includes all of the electronic industry’s leading component distributors.

Turnkey Services

Much of ESC’s business is done with the turnkey model, we also offer Space level turnkey procurement. We do business with top franchised distributors (Avnet, Arrow, TTI, Future & Digikey), specialty distributors, manufacturers, and fabricators to effectively procure parts in exact accordance with customer documentation. Our purchasing team has decades of material procurement experience and they have built strong relationships over the years with top suppliers. 

Consignment Services

ESC offers consignment services both on a full consignment or partial consignment basis. We have a thorough auditing process to ensure the highest quality: part marking, part numbers, coplanarity, part damages, PCB defects and MSL. We handle loose parts by measuring each passive part and tape and reeling SMT components. After kits and materials are audited, we assign internal part numbers for traceability purposes.


ESC’s stock room has controlled entry where only authorized personnel have access.  This area has the same robust environmental and ESD controls as in manufacturing.

Every part is assigned a unique ESC part number, and assigned a unique bin location, segmented by customer.  Such arrangement facilitates a highly efficient and error-mitigated kitting process.  

Cycle counts are done daily, and controlled by ESC’s ERP system.  This results in no yearly down-time to take inventory. This is essential for EMS providers, as customer deliveries cannot be impacted by a yearly inventory audit. 


ESC recently upgraded its ERP system to Epicor 10.2 and went live in Q4 2019.  Epicor is optimized for use in an EMS environment. ESC hired a known, full time expert onto its direct staff to implement, improve, and maintain the system.  Additionally, many members of the staff have prior experience with Epicor, and are now fully utilizing it with success. ESC will continue to expand its functionality to improve manufacturing, procurement, quality, and other functions within the company.

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