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De-Panel & Cleaning Equipment

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Cencorp 1300SR (1X)

Automated Router / Depaneler

Automated PCB De Panel

FKN Systek K4000S (1X)

Manual V-Groove De-Paneler

FKN Systek K4000S(1X)

AKS T-15 Typhoon (1X)

Inline Conveyor Aqueous Cleaner (DI)

AKS T-15 Typhoon (Water-Soluble) (1X)

AKS Typhoon T8-Chem (1X)

Inline Conveyor Aqueous Cleaner

AKS Typhoon T8 Chem(1X)

AKS Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner (1X)

Stencil Cleaner

ZERO ION Ionic Contamination Tester (1X)

ZERO ION Ionic Contamination Tester (1X) Equipment

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