Who We Are

Our Equipment

We believe one can't provide the most advanced technology without using the most advanced technology.

Our facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art assembly equipment that will meet the most challenging Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) assembly designs.

Our high speed SMT assembly lines include two Fuji chip shooters, including a Fuji CP-7 capable of placing up to 53,000 Components Per Hour (CPH). These offer the fastest placement capability on the market today.

Our equipment can place passive components as small as 0201 and IC's as large as 55 mm sq.(45mm x 150mm for connectors) For New Product Introductions (NPI), we have best-in-class MYDATA MY and Hydra machines, which can place a wide array of components up to 21,000 CPH.

High reliability soldering capability is led by our NASA and J-STD-001 Certified Trainer.

X-Ray capability is a must when assembling BGAs to ensure voids and solder bridges are not present. So we furnish a state-of-the-art X-Ray machine. To complement this capability, we employ an ERSASCOPE with 500x magnification, to permit inspection to verify the ideal solder reflow profile and to ensure good solder wetting. The addition of an ERSASCOPE allows us to visually inspect the solder joints under the BGA or in any low clearance areas hidden from view. The combination of visual inspection and X-Ray are the only ways to ensure full coverage when evaluating BGA solder connections.

Our heavy investment in capital equipment significantly enhances our ability to compete on any job. Depending on the specific requirements, we can turn your project within 24 hours.

Takaya Flying Probe Testing

Flying Probe Advanatges:

  • Fixtureless: Non-recurring setup at a fraction
    of the cost of ICT
  • Speed: 24 Hour programming from CAD
  • Expanded coverage: Flying probes access test areas at an angle, eliminating the need for PCB test points