Supply Chain Management

ESC's Purchasing Department directs the procurement of materials, supplies and equipment at favorable costs consistent with our customers' schedules and specifications. We manage our suppliers through performance feedback to establish ways to optimize our relationship and performance.

We are responsible for:

All material control functions

  • Receiving
  • Inventory control
  • Material storage
  • Material disbursement
  • Shipping
  • Supplier on-time delivery feedback
  • Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD) documented control
  • Weekly monitoring of open orders
  • Monthly On-time Delivery reporting to our suppliers.
  • Counterfeit part avoidance and detection procedures

Developing Material Requisition Plans

  • Creating production forecasts
  • Maintaining inventory levels
  • Investigating and recommending suppliers

Strengthening ESC's working capital

  • Reducing cycle times
  • Reducing inventory levels

ESC can handle your full turnkey requirements. To meet these needs, we have worked to build strong supplier relationships. Our supply chain includes all of the electronic industry's leading component distributors.