Reballing Services

Restore costly BGAs & CSPs

BGA Reball Process

Most BGAs can be reballed if the removal and attachment is handled properly. The heat required to remove, reball or place a BGA is high enough that excess moisture trapped in the component package can cause the BGA to "popcorn" during any part of this process. Therefore, in order to increase quality of rework, proper care should be taken when it is determined that BGA rework is necessary. BGA Reballing has been shown to be just as reliable as from the factory BGA Reballing if all ESD and thermal safety issues are addressed.

Reball Services Offered:

  • Lead Free BGA's
  • Eutectic SnPb BGA's
  • 0.5 mm Pitch
  • 0.75 mm Pitch
  • 0.8 mm Pitch
  • 1.0 mm Pitch
  • 1.27 mm Pitch
  • 1.5 mm Pitch
  • Non Standard and mixed Pitch Components
  • Lead Free to Lead Conversion
  • Lead to Lead Free Conversion

The following information is always helpful in determining reballing specs:

BGA manufacturer's data sheet including pad layout, ball size and solder type Pb or Pb Free (Lead or Lead free)

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