New Product Introductions

We have the technology to manufacture your technology.

In the high tech world, today's technology is yesterday's news, so being the first to market is critical to success. That's why leading companies around the U.S. rely on ESC to deliver quality products on budget and on time.

Prototype assembly services play an important role in the New Product Introduction (NPI) process, providing rapid design validation and the identification of Design For Manufacturability (DFM) and Design For Test (DFT) improvements prior to the transfer of production.

Housed within our Van Nuys facility, our NPI center has standardized on the MYDATA platform: The MYDATA platform is extremely flexible because they can handle virtually any surface mount component in one placement machine, making them ideal for Prototypes.

The NPI center's primary functions are rapid design validation, DFM enhancement and cost reduction opportunity identification to facilitate a smooth transfer to production. The self-contained work-cells include staff dedicated solely to prototype business. Depending on the delivery requirements, projects can be completed within hours to 5 days.

The NPI center's capabilities include:

  • Boards sizes up to 20'' x 24''.
  • 0201s and BGAs of all types (up to 2.2'' sq inches)
  • Design For Manufacturability (DFM) analysis with every prototype order.
  • 120kv X-Ray and Ersascope for Visual Inspection of all BGA assemblies